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Bagged Products

Ice B Gone Magic 50 lb. Bags

  •  ms_bagsWorks to – 22*F
  • Recognized Environmentally Green Product
  • Pet Friendly
  • Great Long Lasting Residual
  • Less applications needed
  •  Reduced black ice * It’s concrete & landscape friendly
  • Does not track like other products * It’s 80% less corrosive than salt
  • Safer for all surfaces * Only 1/4-1/3 cup per sq yd. needed

 Calcium Chloride Pellets 50lb Bags 



  •  Melts ice and snow down to temperatures of -25°F


Halite Bagged Rock Salt 50 lb. Bags

American Rock SaltHalite Bagged Salt

  • Works to 18 degrees
  • Available 49 bags per pallet
  • Fresh, Course and DRY!
  • Picked up or delivered

While halite or rock salt does not chemically attack concrete, it may affect damage to concrete from freeze-induced expansion pressures by increasing the number of freeze and thaw cycles.